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    World Data on Education [country profiles]

    International Bureau of Education, UNESCO, 1998
    Country level educational sector profiles (144 in June 2000). Overview describing structure of sector and nationals policies Includes statistcal indicators. Available on WWW and on (free) CDROM.
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    Aid and Reform in Africa

    Aid Effectiveness Research, World Bank, 1999
    Since the early 1980s, virtually every African country has received large amounts of aid aimed at stimulating policy reform. The results have varied enormously. Ghana and Uganda were successful reformers that grew rapidly and reduced poverty. In other countries policies changed little or even got worse.
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    Sharing new ground in post-conflict situations

    United Nations Development Programme, 2000
    The paper reports on the UNDP undertaking of a strategic evaluation to take stock of its experience in complex emergency situations and extract insights to improve the organization’s capacity to respond. The terms of reference for the exercise identified the reintegration of internally displaced persons (IDPs), returnees and ex-combatants as the principal area of focus.
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    Conflict dynamics in a three-level game: local, national, and international conflict in the horn of Africa

    Workshop in Political Theory and Policy Analysis, 1999
    This paper begins with an introduction of a synthesis and analysis of the complex patterns of international wars and internal conflicts in the Horn of Africa over the past four decades.
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    Changes in Poverty in Rural Ethiopia 1989-1995: Measurement, Robustness Tests and Decomposition

    Centre for the Study of African Economies, Oxford, 1998
    Assessing changes in poverty levels over time is bedevilled by problems in questionnaire design, the choice of the poverty line, the exact timing of the survey and uncertainty about the appropriate cost-of-living deflators.
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    Comparative analysis of economic reform and structural adjustment programs in Eastern Africa with emphasis on trade policies

    Development Experience Clearinghouse, USAID, 1996
    In view of the potential implications of structural adjustment and economic reform programs for subregional and regional trade, food security, and overall economic growth and stability, this study is a step in the direction of informing Governments in the region and the international community of the status and future of economic reforms, especially trade policy reforms and how they all relate to
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    Voices of the poor

    PovertyNet, World Bank, 1999
    Also known as Consultations With The Poor, the report looks at poor people's definition of what comprises a good life, and the role of poverty.
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    Concept note. Reinforcement of pastoral civil society in East Africa: a programme of capacity building and participatory action-research

    Drylands Programme, IIED, 2001
    This concept note explores initiatives aiming at supporting pastoral civil society in East Africa.The goals of the initiative include:create conditions such that pastoral groups can play a more effective and visible role in the design and implementation of policies to improve their livelihoodscreation of a vibrant, accountable and effective pastoral civil society movement capable of