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    Decentralising of health policy and planning using Participatory Rural Appraisal : Indian example

    Global Development Network, 2001
    This paper focuses on the importance of decentralisation in health care provision and how community participation could become a way forward to provide health care to all, using participatory rural appraisal.The paper outlines the present system of health care in India and the current challenges it faces.
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    Governance & poverty: an alternative paradigm

    GDNet document store, 2000
    In much the same way that non-formal sector "parallel economies" have been addressed since the 1980's, the "new paradigm" presented in this paper proposes the integration of "parallel governance" into our development models.
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    Intellectual property and the knowledge gap

    Oxfam, 2001
    Policy paper for presentation to the world social forum 2002. Provides a basic introduction to issues relating to IPRs, bilateral regulation, the TRIPS agreement and the impact of these policies on developing countries.
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    The policy roots of economic crisis and poverty: a multi-country participatory assessment of structural adjustment

    Structural Adjustment Participatory Review International Network, 2001
    The report documents a systematic weakening of the productive capacity of the countries implementing Bank policies and the inability of these countries to generate productive employment at a living wage.
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    Does globalization help the poor?

    Alternet, 2002
    This article criticises the negative impact of the advocates of of economic globalization (World Bank; IMF; WTO) on the world's poor.The article finds that:the advocates of globalisation stress that those that oppose globalisation are hurting the poor by arresting the development of free trade and liberalisationeconomic globalisation is causing an acceleration in poverty and inequal
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    Risk of increasing instability in the Ferghana Valley

    Forum on Early Warning and Early Response, 2001
    This article discusses instability in the Ferghana Valley (lies within Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan).The article finds that:at present, any serious armed religious extremism and the widening of its social base among refugees or displaced people may trigger violent responses from regional governments and the tightening of already undemocratic policies towards any dissentthe
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    Preventing new Afghanistans: a regional strategy for reconstruction

    Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, 2002
    This article discusses the dangers of Central Asian states developing in the same direction as Afghanistan.
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    Do patents for antiretroviral drugs constrain access to AIDS treatment in Africa?

    International Intellectual Property Institute, 2001
    The report studies the patent statuses of 15 antiretroviral drugs in 53 African countries. These antiretroviral drugs are patented in few African countries and that in countries where antiretroviral drug patents exist, generally only a small subset of antiretroviral drugs are patented.
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    Providing health care to HIV patients in Southern Africa

    International Monetary Fund, 2001
    This paper provides an economic analysis of the impact of HIV/AIDS on the health sector in Southern Africa. It provides indicators for the scale of the impact, including estimates of the costs of various forms of treatment.
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    Hygiene evaluation procedures: approaches and methods for assessing water (and sanitation) related hygiene practices

    United Nations University, 1997
    The handbook published by International Nutrition Foundation for Developing Countries (INFDC) provides practical guidelines for evaluation water- and sanitation-related hygiene practices. An evaluation of hygiene practices can be used for the purposes of project planning, monitoring, or final assessment of the project’s impact.