Observer Research Foundation, New Delhi (ORF)

The Observer Research Foundation (ORF) focuses on developing research and policy initiatives/recommendations through evidenced-based analysis of economic and security issues facing India. This think-tank aims to bring together experts from various disciplines to look at national problems in a comprehensive manner that would cut across political, ideological and regional divides.

The ORF has four major Institutes to consolidate and shape its multifarious activities and programs, and they are:

  • ORF Institute of Asian Studies
  • ORF Institute of Security Studies
  • ORF Institute of Politics and Governance
  • ORF Institute of Economy and Development

The ORF has worked extensively with local, regional, national and international partners to develop research, analysis and publications on a variety of issues and subjects.

The website contains further details on the Institutes, analysis, research, reports, publications, partnerships, and news. The website also contains an extensive collection of briefing and research papers available for download. Information on how to obtain additional publications is also available on this website.

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