Population Reference Bureau (PRB)

Research organisation covering U.S. and international population trends and their implications. Activities include information services, seminars and workshops, publications and technical support. PRB works with both public-sector and private-sector partners. Provides web site and runs membership subscription service.

Information products include:

  • browsable topic quides and news items
  • Population Bulletin, quarterly journal in print. Sample articles available from web site
  • Population Today newsletter - full-text available online
  • quick facts section by topic area
  • World Population Data Sheet and related searchable DataFinder database
  • World of Child 6 Billion - teaching/presentation tool with lesson plans

Also runs other related programmes with separate web sites, including:

  • MEASURE Communication - data for policy in developing countries
  • PopNet - population web links
  • Educators forum - tools for teaching about demographics
  • AmeriStat - American poulation statistics and resources

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