Health Systems 20/20

Health Systems 20/20 works to strengthen health systems through integrated approaches to improve financing, governance, operations, and building capacity of local institutions. An exclusive focus on technical health interventions sometimes leads to fixes, patches, and “work-arounds” on health systems issues to be able to deliver chosen interventions for a certain time. Health Systems 20/20 takes the holistic approach to the health system to improve the underpinnings of all health services and in a way that makes improvements more likely to be sustained. Read more in the project brief.

Health Systems 20/20 is the Bureau of Global Health’s principal project for health system strengthening. The project objective is to increase access to and use of life-saving PHN priority interventions through improvements in health financing, governance, and operations. The project builds upon three of USAID’s global flagship projects - Partners for Health Reformplus (2000-2006), Partnerships for Health Reform (1995-2000); and Health Financing and Sustainability (1989-1994) – but with new focus areas in governance and operations, and approaches that emphasise building local capacity and partnering with other USAID projects and other donors.