Trade and Environment (TED)

TED aims to produce materials documenting trade and environment issues world-wide. Products (available on their WWW service) include:

(a) Case studies database: mostly prepared by students and the School of International Service and the American University. Cases are presented in keyword-searchable and browsable through either geographical or thematic menus (legal issue, trade (industry sector, trade measure, exporter, importer), environmental issues). Each case study covers a particular incident/dispute (e.g. Mekong River Dam, Cambodia raw log export ban) and includes description of background issues, areas of dispute, legal aspects, short bibliography of sources, list of related cases.

(b) Research papers and cross-case papers: full text issues papers, offering analysis and comparisons drawn from the case studies. The broad issues covered are: species loss (animals and fish); multilateral trade; habitat and fresh water; pollution (air, water, oil, nuclear); deforestation and recycling

(c) Links to related resources