Conflict Research Consortium, University of Colorado

Comprehensive Gateway to the Websites of the University of Colorado Conflict Research Consortium. Resources include:
  • is the website of the Intractable Conflict Knowledge Base Project — a free and comprehensive system for accessing the peace and conflict resolution field's cumulative body of knowledge on the nature of difficult and intractable conflicts, as well as strategies for reducing the destructiveness of these conflicts.
  • CRInfo: The Conflict Resolution Information Source is a free service, offering a keyword-coded catalog of over 20,000 Web, print, organizational, and other conflict resolution-related resources. Many powerful browsing and searching tools are available to help users find information which addresses their specific needs.
  • The International Online Training Program on Intractable Conflicts is focused around 100 short descriptions of common conflict problems, with 200 possible solutions and 300 examples. While the contents of the OTPIC program are free for public use, students may also choose to complete a formalized course of online study for university credit or a certificate of completion.
  • The Civil Rights Mediation Oral History Project is a joint project involving the Consortium and Conflict Management Initiatives of Evanston, Illinois. Interviews with nineteen current and former mediators from the U.S. Community Relations Service (CRS) have been recorded, transcribed, indexed, and made available to the public on this website.
  • The Transformative Approaches to Conflict site provides a free online overview of the many different types of transformative processes. It was created as part of a project to disseminate and extend the pioneering ideas embodied in Bush and Folger's Promise of Mediation.
  • The Silver County Environmental Framing Simulation was created as a free online training program to disseminate the insights gleaned from the Environmental Framing Consortium's inquiry into intractable environmental conflicts.
  • The original Conflict Research Consortium website is one of the oldest and largest on the Web. It still provides access to a broad range of resources found nowhere else, including hundreds of working papers.
  • Dr. Heidi Burgess, Co-Director of the Conflict Research Consortium, teaches two online courses: Conflict Management in Social Systems and the Online Training Program on Intractable Conflict. More information is available at this site.
  • "The Meaning of Civility," by Conflict Research Consortium Co-Directors Guy and Heidi Burgess, discusses the definition and application of civility as it relates to disputes, particularly those that occur in the realm of public policy