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26th June 2013
The OKFestival, the first ever Open Knowledge Festival, was held in Helsinki, Finland in September 2012. With the theme of Open Knowledge in Action, it looked at the value that can be generated by opening up knowledge and the impacts that transparency can have in our societies. 
26th June 2013
Globally, levels of hunger and undernutrition are unacceptably high. One in eight people do not get enough food to be healthy and lead an active life. One in every four children under five years of age are undernourished, this contributes to 2.6 million deaths of children under five each year - one third of the global total.
19th April 2013
The latest Diverse Voices global debate on Facebook and Twitter is asking "Do you think that public services respect the dignity of the most vulnerable citizens?"
12th April 2013
New policy brief argues that it is time to start moving towards a 'shared responsibility’ framework.HIV prevention programmes have mostly ignored the prevention needs of men who have sex with men (MSM) who are living with HIV.
5th March 2013
Data on agriculture and nutrition from Eldis was among development datasets being used by developers and experts in a recent event to increase the uptake and impact of research.
5th March 2013
Our regular and loyal visitors will notice that Eldis has undergone a serious make-over: and it’s not just about looks.