Using open knowledge approaches to improve development outcomes

8th July 2016
The Open Knowledge Hub project brings together knowledge producers and intermediaries, particularly those in developing countries, to work together collaboratively to address gaps and inequalities in the availability and accessibility of development research. In particular the project focuses on using Open Knowledge approaches – emerging technology and standards from the Open Access and Open Data movements.

Colleagues here at The institute of Development Studies have collaborated on a new IDS Practice Paper, "Making the ‘evolutionary leap’: using Open Knowledge approaches to improve development outcomes", in which they describe what we have learned about the drivers and motivations for knowledge organisations to engage with Open Knowledge approaches.

Kelly Shephard, manager of Open Knowledge and Digital Services at IDS has written an accompanying Blog post. Here she states "There can be no doubt that the Open Knowledge Hub project was innovatory. The starting point was our belief that the adoption of so-called ‘Open Knowledge’ approaches had the potential to improve the impact of research evidence on development outcomes and address inequalities in the visibility, accessibility and uptake of diverse knowledge about development".