Spotlight series - KMCC

4th June 2015
This week we turn our attention to the HIV/AIDS Knowledge Management and Communications Capacity (KMCC) Building initiative for our Spotlight series. The series profiles research organisations based in developing countries.

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Uganda was one of the countries hit hardest by HIV/AIDS and despite three decades of ground-breaking work, statistics show that Uganda is the only country in sub-Saharan African where HIV rates are now increasing. At the same time, within the HIV/AIDS sector there are a vast number of players, often working with limited collaboration and without access to quality knowledge or the capacity to effectively communicate their own knowledge.

The HIV/AIDS Knowledge Management and Communication Capacity Building initiative (KMCC) - a three year project managed by Delta Partnerships and funded by DFID - was created with a clear understanding that the capacity to gather and use knowledge, share results and communicate effectively is essential for change. KMCC was set up to manage knowledge and communications to build a stronger nationwide response to tackle HIV. It also aims to build the capacity of Uganda AIDS Commission’s (UAC) and other key HIV stakeholders to better manage knowledge and improve communications.

The key thematic areas that KMCC works on were selected in consultation with key stakeholders. They were also identified as the most pressing thematic areas in the Government of Uganda (GoU) National Prevention Strategy. They are:
  • Elimination of Mother to Child Transmission
  • Behaviour Change Communication
  • Most at Risk Populations - specifically: fishing communities; sex workers; and long distance truck drivers
Fishing HIV transmission

KMCC targets decision makers at government level, by working with technical working groups and self-coordinating entities. They also reach the general public with behaviour change communication through their innovative demonstrative products, such as sponsoring the popular Ugandan TV show Minibuzz to drive discussion around key issues, and launching a myth-busting radio series specifically targeting fishing communities.

One of the target groups KMCC is engaging with is the private sector. As highlighted by the International AIDS Development Partner Group (ADPG) at the 7th annual Joint AIDS Response meeting (JAR) 2014, engaging the private sector is now a top priority. The ADGP recommends more private sector engagement to raise domestic resourcing for the response. KMCC has produced a paper analysing private sector engagement and highlighting recommendations for further collaboration (forthcoming). KMCC will use these recommendations to foster ongoing commitments.

Making information accessible is key to KMCC’s mandate, therefore all of their papers are summarised in abridged reports - these reports are the starting point for an overview.