Measuring climate finance effectiveness

7th November 2013
In the case of climate change, national policies and structures tend to follow international interests and funding available, mainly provided by UNFCCC structures. Given the scarcity of financial resources we need to use what we have in the best way. This guest Blog, written by Nella Canales Trujillo, on the Eldis Communities site, argues that the effectiveness of climate finance needs to be measured where much of the action actually takes place - at the sub-national level.

Sub-national analysis has previously been thought of as being a reflection of what happens at national level. However, current on-going research by Overseas Development Institute (ODI) in Tanzania, Uganda and Ethiopia, shows that the sub-national picture does not necessarily follow what's going on at the top.

Read Nella's Blog on how ODI and others are realising the importance of seeing the whole picture surrounding climate finance.

For further information on Climate Finance, you can also see the Eldis Key Issues Guide on Climate Finance.