Launch of Nigeria Education website

7th November 2014
Nigeria Education logo

Nigeria Education, an exciting new website for those working on education in Nigeria, has been launched! The website was developed by the Education Data, Research and Evaluation in Nigeria (EDOREN) project team, and provides online access to a range of information on basic education in Nigeria, including:

  • The latest research: The searchable literature database contains over 1,300 quality research documents focusing on education in Nigeria with links to the full text, where available. Topic areas covered include: access to education; gender and education; governance; non-state and private education; educational outcomes; quality; and, teachers.

  • Researcher profiles: Nigeria Education provides a collection of profiles of researchers working on education in Nigeria, with links to their publications on Nigeria Education, where available.

  • Journal profiles: The Nigeria Education journals database provides access to profiles of journals that publish articles on education in Nigeria. Journal profiles include a list of articles from that journal which are held in the Nigeria Education Literature database.

  • Organisation database: Nigeria Education provides access to information about non-governmental organisations working on education in Nigeria, such as funders, training and research organisations.

  • State pages: Our State profile pages provide a collection of all of Nigeria Education’s content organised by State, so you can find the latest research on your State, as well as the researchers, journals and organisations working in your State.

Do you have something to contribute?

Nigeria Education is always looking for new and interesting content, and you can submit your research, your researcher profile, or a suggestion for a journal or organisation to be included in our database, by using our submission form. All submissions undergo a quality assessment before being added to the website to ensure it meets the Nigeria Education’s editorial policy guidelines.