Eldis seeks partners for exciting new “Open” initiative

16th October 2013
The Eldis call for global partners to join us in our Open Knowledge Hub project is drawing to a close. Expressions of interest must be submitted by no later than Friday 11th October.

We are looking for partners that offer online services providing access to research evidence on international development issues. These might be web portals like Eldis, open access journal publishers, research repositories – or any organisation with an active interest in increasing the availability and accessibility of international development research - particularly research being generated from the global south.

Come In We're Open - photo by Bryan BirdwellIncreasing the availability and accessibility of global development research is the core business of Eldis. In recent years we’ve seen the growing ‘Open Data’ movement and accelerating use of open systems for sharing and contextualisation of development knowledge and in 2011 we opened up access to our own content through our Open API. We believe these developments hold great potential for improving decision making and contributing to broad development goals. However the use of these systems also risks widening, rather than diminishing, digital divides in the availability, accessibility and visibility of research evidence – particularly where that evidence is being generated by stakeholders in developing countries. These stakeholders risk being disadvantaged by a lack of resources and technical capacity to engage with these emerging open systems.

This is where the Open Knowledge Hub project comes in. By joining the project partners will have the opportunity to collaborate in the development of shared open data systems and standards to promote effective content sharing and increase the visibility and reach of development research through our services. We also aim to share learning, and collaborate on the delivery of our services in areas such as quality assurance, promotion, monitoring and evaluation and technical development.

Some funding is available to support these partnership activities. In the first instance we are inviting potential partners to join an inception event at IDS to be held in January 2014 for which costs and subsistence will be funded. A small amount of additional funding will then also be available to partners to cover the cost of ongoing partnership activities.

You can find more details on the project and guidelines for submitting an expression of interest by following this link.


Please get in touch with us if you have questions by emailing eldis@ids.ac.uk

photo by: Bryan Birdwell