Creating a one stop shop for global nutrition data

26th March 2014

In the past few years the global malnutrition crisis has been gaining attention. High profile events such as the Nutrition for Growth summit in London and the formation of the Scaling Up Nutrition (SUN) movement have reflected an upsurge in interest, commitment and efforts to reduce malnutrition. This momentum, however, has yet to be fully matched by a collective capacity to track progress and political commitment on this issue; meaning there remains a gap in accountability.

Here at Eldis we responded to this by launching our Eldis Nutrition Resource Guide in November last year to look specifically at the causes and consequences of malnutrition, nutrition specific interventions, nutrition sensitive interventions, and the political economy of undernutrition.

More recently members of the Eldis Health and Nutrition team have been contributing to the development of a concept for a Global Nutrition Report with the ultimate aim of building momentum for action on nutrition and empowering nutrition actors at all levels - from citizen activists to national governments and international organisations.

Have your say

For the report to be most effective a wide range of potential users must feel it reflects their concerns and interests so we're asking you to help us to design something that reflects your needs and interests. If you work or are active on the issue of nutrition, globally or in a particular region or country, please take some time to read our concept note and let us know what you think. Your views are important and the feedback we receive really will help shape the report.

We would particularly like to know:

  • How can this report be made useful to you in your own work?
  • What specific types of information would you like to see included?
  • Who should own this global report?
  • What format for the report would be most useful for your work context - print/online PDF/country summary 2-pagers etc.
  • How frequent should the report be in order to be of greatest value to you?

Please also state your role and organisation.

Comments and feedback should be emailed to by 21st March 2014.