Team Leader/Greening the Grid Performance Evaluation

Panagora Group
Full time Staff

Job Description

USAID/India has contracted Panagora Group to provide monitoring, evaluation, and learning (MEL) services to generate learning inputs for the implementation of the new Country Development Cooperation Strategy (CDCS).  Panagora will conduct a final performance evaluation of the Greening the Grid (GTG) program, to be carried out in January-March 2021. GTG is a five-year project to help India meet its ambitious renewable energy (RE) targets. As part of USAID’s Asia EDGE initiative, GTG is assisting the Government of India (GOI) in integrating large-scale, variable renewable energy (VRE) into the existing power grid. Critical to it is rigorous analytical support to identify grid stability issues, options for optimizing dispatch, and sources of potential flexibility. Pilot projects are at the core of the GTG program.

The evaluation will guide USAID/ India in identifying lessons learned from GTG implementation and informing similar mechanisms USAID might design in the future. The evaluation design, planning, and data collection and analysis will be conducted remotely.  The evaluation will be carried out by a team of US and Indian evaluation experts in power system planning reforms; integration of large VRE parks into power grids; analysis of grid stability and security; design of technical regulatory frameworks and automatic generation controls (AGC); and forecasting, scheduling, accounting and commercial settlement regulations. The detailed evaluation questions are currently under development. 


  • Lead the evaluation team in all activity planning, team coordination meetings, design, and review of data collection instruments, supervise data collection, review work products from team members, and integrate work products of team members into a final report.
  • Perform desk review of USAID/India and GtG program documents, assessments, and evaluations, and design the evaluation work plan with methodology, data collection instruments, list of any additional documents for desk review, stakeholder list for interviews, and schedule of activities.
  • Develop a set of structured interview guides (KIIs and FGDs) for primary data collection.
  • Working with the evaluation team, conduct KIIs, FGDs, and group interviews with USAID/India staff, implementing partners, national and state level GOI counterparts, private sector firms, and other identified key stakeholders using telephone and internet platforms (Skype, Zoom and similar).
  • Working with the evaluation team and the Panagora technical lead, analyze data collected through the desk review, KIIs, and group interviews to draft findings, conclusions, and preliminary recommendations.
  • Present the draft report with preliminary recommendations for discussion with USAID/India, GtG implementing partners and other stakeholders.
  • Draft a final report incorporating USAID feedback, summarizing data collection, main findings and conclusions, and a set of prioritized recommendations.


  • Master's Degree and a minimum of 10 years of experience in Electrical Engineering or other relevant STEM subjects.
  • A deep understanding of power sector planning approaches and policies, including renewable energy deployment, grid modernization, distributed energy resources and storage, power sector resilience, and the data and analytical tools needed to support them.
  • Detailed understanding of technical and commercial aspects of renewable energy infrastructure projects, including technical advances and requirements in VER, project finance, and regulatory/policy matters in developing countries.
  • Proven qualitative and quantitative analysis capability through professional experience in an energy policy setting, consulting for private sector firms in the VER sector, and/or academic research in developing countries.
  • Understanding of power system economics, power market design and structure, and national energy policy/regulatory initiatives in developing countries.
  • Relevant publications, such as policy briefs, sector analyses, consulting reports, academic papers, etc. on power sector planning, policies, regulatory frameworks for VER and other related topics in developing countries.
  • Experience working in developing countries, preferably in South Asia. 
  • Ability to lead and work remotely within multi-cultural, multi-disciplinary consulting teams spread across several countries and time zones.
  • Excellent communication skills (written, verbal, aural).
  • Experience using on-line platforms such as Zoom and Google Meet for all aspects of remote management of teams.
Closing date: 
30th December 2020