Senior Gender Specialist - Bhutan

Panagora Group
Consultant (Long Term)

USAID/India has developed its new Country Development Cooperation Strategy (CDCS) for the period from 2020 – 2025. USAID conducted a mandatory gender analysis at the CDCS level in August 2019 for India and now intends to conduct a gender assessment for four South Asian countries, Bhutan, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka, which were not included in the earlier analysis.  It will identify macro- and sector-level gender inequalities and dynamics to inform USAID/India´s Indo-Pacific Strategy (IPS) implementation and provide a foundation for integrating gender into USAID project and activity work. The assessment data collection and analysis will be implemented remotely, with a team made up of US-based Team Leader (TL) and a gender specialist, statistician and logistician in each of the four countries. We are looking for a Gender Specialist based in Bhutan with the described qualifications for the following responsibilities.


  • Support the Team Leader (TL) in activity planning, team coordination meetings and design of data collection instruments
  • Contribute to the work plan methodology, data collection instruments, preliminary document list for desk review, stakeholder list for interviews, and schedule of activities in Bhutan
  • As assigned by the TL perform desk review of USAID program documents, assessments and evaluations, along with GOI reports, and research from universities, think tanks and NGOs in Bhutan
  • Working with the team, use desk review analysis and review of available data sources to identify key gaps in data regarding gender inclusion that require further investigation in Bhutan
  • With the team, develop inclusion gap questions and agenda to be used for key informant interviews, including government entities, non-governmental organizations, universities and research institutes, and other actors involved in USAID-assisted inclusion programming in Bhutan
  • Contribute to design of a systems map using the desk review and stakeholder interviews which synthesizes all collected data and analyses to understand the current dynamics from an overall inclusion standpoint, and identifies leverage points, connections, and patterns in Bhutan
  • In coordination with the TL, provide guidance to the Statistician in identifying and accessing available data on gender in Bhutan
  • Develop recommendations for data collection to help provide evidence base for specific short and long-term interventions in Bhutan
  • Draft inputs for the report which should include main findings and conclusions, and recommended actions needed to address gender needs through USAID programming in Bhutan


  • Master’s or PhD degree in sociology, anthropology, political science, economics, public health or rural development or other fields related to social inclusion and development
  • At least 10 years of professional experience working in fields related to gender in Bhutan
  • Demonstrated experience in conducting research and sector assessments in the field of gender, including desk reviews, qualitative data collection
  • Fluency in English and in one or more local languages of the respective country (Bhutan, Nepal, Bangladesh, or Sri Lanka)
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Strong conceptual and writing skills in English, including demonstrated experience drafting publications for gender and/or social demographic analysis Bhutan
Closing date: 
31st May 2020