Regional Representative, Southeast Asia

International Rice Research Institute
Bangkok, Thailand
Full time Staff

 About IRRI

The International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) is the world’s premier research organisation dedicated to improving livelihoods, contributing to abolishing poverty, hunger and malnutrition among those who depend on rice-based agri-food systems. In doing so, IRRI’s work protects the health of rice farmers and consumers, and the environmental sustainability of rice farming in a world challenged by climate change. IRRI’s work promotes the empowerment of women and supports opportunities for youth in an equitable agri-food system.

IRRI’s research for development is characterised by its collaborative nature: internally, from alliances with advanced research institutes; through strong collaborations and capacity development with governments and national agricultural research and extension systems; to partnerships with the development sector and their ability to broker novel delivery channels through the private sector. IRRI’s work is supported by a diverse network of investors aligned to common goals.

The Role

IRRI is looking for a Regional Representative for Southeast Asia. The successful candidate will be able to represent IRRI’s interests and oversight and also coordinate IRRI’s activities in Southeast Asia (SEA) in a strategic and coherent manner. He/she will work closely with government entities, development agencies, donors and other partners as they lead the development of an overall regional strategy as well as country strategies. This will include IRRI’s research, capacity development, resource mobilisation, identification and development of funding opportunities, focusing on key contributions IRRI can make to develop the agri-food sector in target countries within the region.

Person Specification

Qualifications and Experience

  • Substantial relevant experience in research, leadership and outreach activities with strong organisational and diplomatic skills.
  • Experience in developing large research for development projects with a track record of managing multi-country research for development programs.
  • A record of high-quality publications.

Skills and Knowledge

Commitment to Stakeholders

  • The ability to nurture relationships for long-term relationships.
  • Can build an environment where stakeholders satisfaction is a key priority.
  • Able to promote quality service standards.


  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills with a demonstrated ability to work in multicultural and multidisciplinary team.
  • The ability to champion transparency in communication.
  • Can create an environment that enables effective communication.
  • Promote diversity of views.

Creativity and Innovation

  • Able to champion and reward new ideas.
  • Can create opportunities for creativity and innovation.
  • Can craft a vision where innovation will take the organisation.

Results Orientation

  • Able to project current and future requirements while also prioritising and committing available resources to achieve results.
  • The ability to make long term decisions and implement plans to achieve results while also being able to recognise emerging issues and associated risks.


  • Prior experience of leadership, partnerships, mentoring and team building. Having the ability to promote an environment which values and recognises professionalism.
  • Able to develop a vision for the organisation.
  • Fosters a commitment to the organisation’s missions and goals.
  • Promotes cultural and gender diversity.


  • PHD in agricultural sciences, rural sociology, development economics or a related field.
  • English written and spoken (Mandatory)
  • A Southeast Asian language (Preferred).

Closing date: 13th May

Location: Bangkok, Thailand

For more information and to apply:

Closing date: 
13th May 2019