Public Health Specialist

Doctors With Africa
Chiulo, Angola
Full time Staff

Angola,  Chiulo

April-May 2019

6-12 months


  • Degree in Medicine or Nursing Sciences and Master’s Degree or equivalent in Public Health
  • Good knowledge of the Portuguese language
  • Previous experience in developing countries; the previous experience in project management and/or Public Health in the African context will be considered preferential


The candidate will collaborate on the implementation and management of two projects, on tuberculosis and on maternal and child health.

The specific tasks are:

  • Accompany the hospital team in public health exits
  • Ensure the quality of treatment and support of patients with tuberculosis, monitoring the results of the service offered by community agents
  • Guarantee and coordinate data collection
  • Produce reports of supervision in health centers
  • Guarantee the distribution of IEC material to support community awareness work
  • Collaborate with local health institutions to help improve the health information system for TB control
  •  Ensure training for community agents
  • Support the management of a project on maternal and child health (planning, implementation, reporting) and/or maintain regular and collaborative relationships with the authorities and other organizations in the area
  • Ensure proper management of project resources (human, financial and material resources)
  • Coordinate the implementation of project activities
  • Develop a quarterly work plan
  • Develop a professional training program for the personnel – health and non-health professionals involved in the project
  • Ensure the dissemination of project results
  • Collaborate in the collection and analysis of data and develop project reports on stock management and the correct prescription of drugs
Closing date: 
24th April 2019