Baseline Survey for Tajikistan Water Supply and Sanitation Project

Dushanbe, Tajikistan
Consultant (Short term)

Oxfam Great Britain is an International Humanitarian agency working in Tajikistan since 2001 addressing the Poverty issues in the region through an integrated intervention on livelihood security, public health, and disaster risk reduction by tackling problems associated with climate change, food security, water, sanitation, disaster preparedness, health and hygiene for poor people. Oxfam GB is looking for competent professionals to fill the following vacant position:

Oxfam GB in Tajikistan invites qualified individual consultants or survey companies to submit proposals to conduct WASH baseline survey and data analysis under Tajikistan Drinking Water Supply and Sanitation (TajWSS, phase III) project funded by the Swiss Office for Cooperation and Development (SDC)

The purpose of the baseline survey is to gather basic information and data on WASH and measure the impact of project interventions. The Consultant will work with Oxfam to implement the WASH survey in identified villages of target district of Tajikistan, where the access to drinking water will soon be provided. 

Some of the key baseline indicators are:

  • Prevalence of water and sanitation related diseases in the project area;
  • Access to improved water and sanitation services;
  • Sanitation conditions at household level and the level of households investing in improving their sanitation conditions;
  • Average school attendance for schools in the project area (disaggregated for boys and girls);
  • School children adopt better hygiene and sanitation practices.
  • Available water sources and collection of water for drinking and other household purposes;
  • Water cleaning/ filtration practices;
  • Hand washing practices;
  • Biological and physical contamination;
  • Responsibility of family members for family/household water supply;
  • Ability and willingness of households to pay for improved access to water supply;
  • Additional information may also be collected regarding the operation and maintenance of water supply facilities and relevant cost for services etc.
  • Medical staff of the target villages adopt better sanitation practises.

Interested parties should submit technical and financial proposals, including budget outline to Oxfam considering the following:

  1. Technical proposal - 10 pages max
  2. Budget proposal – 5 pages max.
  3. CVs of key personnel and supporting documents
  4. Consultant/firm qualification and references
  5. A list of projects evaluated (project full name, project duration, date of evaluation, donor and implementing agencies, project total budget)
  6. Certificate of Registration

The offer should be made as a single PFD containing all the above-mentioned documents by no later than Oct 17, 2018

Closing date: 
17th October 2018