Common futures: India and Africa in partnership

Common futures: India and Africa in partnership

Africa with its 54 countries is over ten times the size of India but has roughly the same population -- just over one billion people. The demographic structures are also very similar. In India more than fifty percent of the population is below the age of twenty five and in most African states, half or more of thepopulation is under twenty five years of age. The collective strength of Africa and India is their young population.  This volume brings together contributions from young thinkers from both the regions to share ideas on how to make development happen. It includes six contributions each from African and Indian scholars on six themes of:

  • boosting growth through trade and infrastructure development
  • dealing with inclusion in technology and finance
  • securing the Indian ocean and addressing issues of internal security
  • sustaining development by addressing climate change and developing clean energy
  • creating jobs and skills manpower
  • securing food for all have been included in this primer

Together these six themes address the challenges of inclusive economic growth.

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