Youth and adult learning and education in Namibia

Youth and adult learning and education in Namibia

Namibia has demonstrated through policies, laws and practices that there are sound national intentions to invest in the education and training of all groups of people, includingyouth and adults.

The purpose of the study was to gain a deeper understanding of the current delivery of education and training to out-of-school youth and adults and to identify the effective institutions, educational practices, stakeholder collaboration and networking that will improve its quantity and quality.

It is hoped that this report can challenge Namibia to further strengthen its youth and adult education policies and make suitable institutional and financial provision to meet the educational needs of its young and old citizens.

The report concludes that Namibia has demonstrated through law, policies and practices that there are good intentions in terms of investing in all groups of people. The laws and policies are inclusive.

However, policy makers, actors and providers of youth and adult education services continue to underplay their mandate and fail to recognise and integrate the contributions that youth and adult education offer to the broader economic, social, and human development. The field of adult education remains fragmented, advocacy efforts are dissipated across a variety of fronts and political credibility is diluted. There is a need to consolidate fragmented bits of law and policy that relate to adult education, and form or reform educational structures in order to achieve desired outcomes in this field. This will require time, determination and commitment.