My rights, my voice: annual progress report 2013

My rights, my voice: annual progress report 2013

My Rights, My Voice (MRMV) engages marginalized children and youth in their rights to health and education services in eight countries. The 2013 Annual Progress Report provides an overview of the second year of this innovative three year programme and of the MRMV Global Programme Framework.

In 2013 the Annual Learning Event, Mid-Term Review process, Strategic Gender Review and Global Advocacy Workshop were important moments of reflection, review, alteration and innovation. These events and processes also highlighted programme challenges, especially in relation to strengthening the gender analysis.

There was significant progress against the four key objectives:

  • To increase children and youth's awareness of their rights to health and education services.
  • To strengthen children and youth's and their allies' skills and capacity to claim these rights.
  • To facilitate opportunities for children and youth to engage with duty bearers (e.g. health and education ministries, teaching and medical professionals, religious leaders) which lead to specific actions delivering better access to and quality of health and education services. 
  • To strengthen Oxfam and partners' capacity to work on youth agency and support the global campaigning force to facilitate youth claiming and accessing better health and education.

The number of young people and their allies reached through awareness-raising messages in 2013 more than trebled to over 207,000 children, youth and their allies (47 per cent girls and young women). Young people also took greater responsibility for awareness-raising activities, educating their peers and allies using a variety of methods and channels, including social media and popular culture.

MRMV-supported groups’ organisational skills and ability to develop shared agendas increased. Critically the number of meetings between organised youth groups and duty-bearers doubled to 113. All projects cited examples of duty-bearers recognising child and youth groups as valid bodies to engage, discuss and consult with about health and education services, listening to them and taking initial action as a result of MRMV lobbying and advocacy activities.

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