Annotated bibliography for rapid review on property rights

Annotated bibliography for rapid review on property rights

Better protection of property rights can affect several development outcomes, including better management of natural resources. This bibliography and rapid review is concerned with two principal outcomes:  reduction in investors risk and increase in incentives to invest, and improvements in household welfare.

The literature search was completed both in academic journals and aggregator databases, specifically Google Scholar and Scopus, and the DFID database R4D.

The outline of the Rapid Review on Property Rights paper:

  • at the macro level, the protection of property rights is expected to provide an expectation to investors that they will be able to appropriate returns. This reduction in investors risk creates incentives to invest. Economic growth is driven by the incentives of firms to invest
  • at the micro level, more secure property rights, and especially rights to land, are expected to play an important role to improve households’ welfare. Rights to land can provide means to sustain livelihoods and food security through the production and sale of crops. Under certain conditions, rights to land may also provide a buffer for households to smooth consumption, for example through sale or mortgaging of assets
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