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4th January 2022
A large part of the Sanitation Learning Hub’s (SLH) work is around research and learning to support gender equality and social inclusion (GESI) in sanitation and hygiene programming.
29th November 2021
Has the pandemic allowed for more participation in important spaces by children and youth?Or have those spaces become less participatory with digital, financial, and geographical divides?
An illustration shows two children washing their hands in water that's emerged from a run-down toilet building.
5th November 2021
Click here to register for the webinarIt has been a long-standing goal of water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) professionals to improve the health and lives of children.
26th August 2021
The Sanitation Learning Hub is looking to capture country level and regional experiences, ideas, challenges and innovations from sanitation and hygiene practitioners through a series of blogs or short recordings.
There is an illustration showing two women wading away in knee-high water, walking away from a flooded toilet. Two children watch.
6th July 2021
Join the Sanitation Learning Hub for a webinar on climate change and rural sanitation – putting ideas into practice.