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    Providing alternatives to fossil fuels in Nepal

    V. Benson, J. Lovett, K. Shrestha, B. Pariyar / Impact Initiative, 2019
    Inadequate energy supply continues to hinder social and economic development in Nepal. Despite a wealth of renewable energy potential – particularly with hydropower but also solar and biomass – sustainability and access remain major challenges.
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    Simplifying property tax administration in Africa: Piloting a points-based valuation in Freetown, Sierra Leone

    K. Grieco, A. Bakarr Kamara, N.F. Meriggi, J. Michel, W. Prichard, G. Stewart-Wilson / International Centre for Tax and Development, 2019
    The current method of property valuation in Freetown, Sierra Leone is highly inaccurate and generally regressive, as it does not take subjective property characteristics that are major determinants of value into account. The newly elected Mayor Yvonne Aki-Sawyerr made revenue mobilisation a central pillar of her ‘Transform Freetown’ agenda.
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    Private sector development interventions and better-quality job creation for youth in Africa

    INCLUDE Knowledge Platform, 2019
    There is consensus among policymakers and the research community that demand for young people’s labour is the main constraint to achieving sustainable job creation in Africa (e.g. Fox & Kaul, 2017; AfDb et al., 2012).
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    Migration, brokerage, precarity and agency

    P. Deshingkar / University of Sussex, UK, 2019
    Globally, brokerage is widespread in migrant labour markets. Brokers fill the gap between migrants and the countries or places they are travelling to, and help migrants traverse complex immigration systems, border controls and labour markets.
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    'This changes everything'?: Rethinking fragility and violent conflicts from the climate crisis perspective

    C. Reimann, D. Burns / Reimann and Burns, 2019
    With reports of Arctic fires (e.g. Cockburn 2019) in the summer of 2019 and extreme heat waves and droughts in South Asia and Europe and flooding in the USA becoming more frequent and intense, and weekly worldwide climate demonstrations, we are reminded that climate change is very real, and political action has to be taken urgently.
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    From land grab to win-win. Seizing the opportunities of international investments in agriculture.

    Economic and Social Department, FAO, 2009
    Foreign acquisitions of farm land in developing countries have become the focus of concern. Many observers consider them a new form of colonialism that threatens food security of the poor. However, investments could be good news if the objectives of land purchasers are reconciled with the investment needs of developing countries.


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People in a auditorium at the last HSG conference
8th January 2020
In November 2020, IDS, and over 2,000 fellow members and partners from over 140 countries will meet in Dubai for the biennial Sixth Global Symposium on Health Systems Research (#HSR2020), co-sponsored by
A marabout from a village in the Kolda region holding a rosary. The telephone connects him with migrants or their families. Next to it is a book and against the wall a tablet called a ‘Halwaa’, on which are written holy verses
17th December 2019
After nearly a decade, the Migrating out of Poverty Research Programme Consortium (MOOP) is drawing to a close, having conducted research in more than ten countries in an effort to uncover how and why migration plays such a significant role in poverty reduction in some contexts, but not in others.
24th October 2019
For over 20 years, Eldis has provided free access to relevant, up-to-date and diverse research on global development issues.
Kampala city center
7th August 2019
Following renewed funding from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and DFID, the African Property Tax Initiative (APTI) is pleased to announce a second call for proposals for research projects on property taxation that are of a high academic standard and relevant to policy and practice.
Selling potatoes on the local market.
7th August 2019
This new issue of the IDS Bulletin, edited by Jody Harris, Molly Anderson, Chantal Clément and Nicholas Nisbett examines a range of perspectives on power in food systems, and the various active players, relationships, activities, and institutions that play a major role in shaping them.