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    Scaling Up Impact on Nutrition: What Will It Take?

    Advances in Nutrition, 2017
    Despite consensus on actions to improve nutrition globally, less is known about how to operationalize the right mix of actions—nutrition-specific and nutrition-sensitive—equitably, at scale, in different contexts. This review draws on a large scaling-up literature search and 4 case studies of large-scale nutrition programs with proven impact to synthesize critical elements for impact at scale.
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    The rural-urban divide in health and development

    Population Reference Bureau, 2015
    This data-sheet from the Population Reference Bureau presents data from 2014 to compare rural and urban trends and metrics relevant to human development. The data is drawn from multiple sources, and provides a snapshot of developing countries at a time of rapid urbanisation and social change.
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    Rural and urban linkages and food systems in sub-Saharan Africa

    Gender and Household Food Security, IFAD, 2016
    In a rapidly urbanising world, the role of smallholders and other agricultural producers in rural areas will require significant attention from policymakers, researchers, and the development field.
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    Urban land, planning, and governance systems in Nigeria

    University of the West of England, 2015
    In the face of rapid urbanisation, the issues of inadequate planning, governance, and management in Nigeria is well known, and the combination of customary and colonial practices, outdated policies and plans, and entrenched attitudes make solutions hard to come by.
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    Gender roles and opportunities for women in urban environments

    GSDRC Applied Knowledge Services, 2016
    Women are becoming the majority in urban areas, and many more people now live in female-headed households, representing a significant shift in gender roles and relations. This GSDRC helpdesk research report examines the literature to tell us about different gender roles and opportunities for women in urban environments, compared to rural.
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    Empower Women