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    Eco-labelling: overview and implications for developing countries

    Development Policy Research Unit, University of Cape Town (UCT), South Africa, 2001
    This policy brief attempts to provide a brief introduction to eco-labelling and some of its implications for developing countries.
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    Derestricted Uruguay Round negotiating documents on TRIPS

    World Trade Organization, 1994
    84 derestricted documents from GATT / WTO providing details of the negotiations during the Uruguay Round which led to the TRIPS Agreement. some of them are reports of meetings, others material compiled by the GATT Secretariat, including synoptic tables of proposals. Two documents in the package are the draft “Final Act” of December 1990.
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    Draft ministerial declaration: proposal from a group of developing countries.

    World Trade Organization, 2001
    Draft proposal by a grouping of less developed and developing countries for a declaration at the fourth WTO ministerial conference in Doha, Qatar. Outlines the general position of those countries with respect to implementation of the TRIPS agreement. The same URL has links to the contrasting developed countries draft proposal along with reporting on the discussion.
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    Strengthening country ownership of the development agenda

    Attacking Poverty Program, World Bank Institute, 2001
    Final Report from a meeting of senior government officials from nine African countries which met June 18-20, 2001 to deliberate on the role of the government in strengthening country ownership of the development agenda.
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    Global economic prospects and the developing countries 2002

    Prospects for Development [World Bank], 2001
    This report argues for reshaping the global architecture of world trade to promote development and poverty reduction.
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    Crisis of impunity: the role of Pakistan, Russia, and Iran in fueling the civil war

    Human Rights Watch, 2001
    This document seeks to show the extent to which the civil war in Afghanistan was being sponsored by Pakistan, Iran, Russia, and other neighboring countries, with the United States and India working in other ways to influence the war's outcomeThe report predicts Afghanistan's role as a theater of geopolitical competition and questions the reasons why the humanitarian toll of war did not figure p
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    Risks of ethnopolitical conflict in Central Asia in the early 21st century: an analysis of the Uzbek national minorities in Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan, and the Tajik and Kyrgyz national minorities in Uzbekistan

    Center for International Development and Conflict Management, University of Maryland, 2000
    This report analyzes standardized information on the risk factors of ethnopolitical rebellion for three national minorities in Central Asia: the Uzbeks in Tajikistan, Uzbeks in Kyrgyzstan, Tajiks in Uzbekistan, and Kyrgyz in UzbekistanThe paper shows that:the structural risks of ethnopolitical rebellion by the groups are relatively low by global standards(very low for the Kyrgyz and Taj
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    Think tank on evaluating international cooperation, 2001
    The aim of the think tank is to improve the quality of international development cooperation by promoting knowledge sharing among individuals and agencies involved in evaluation and monitoring of international development.
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    Terror crisis in context

    Monthly Review, 2001
    Special issue of journal produced as the military strikes began in Afghanistan in response to the September 11th terrorist attacks on the USA.Articles include:The United States is a leading terrorist state: an interview with Noam ChomskyU.S.
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    Water disputes in South Asia

    Institute of Strategic Studies, Islamabad, Pakistan, 2001
    The paper examines various water sharing treaties in South Asia, with a comparative evaluation of past and future trends, followed by suggestions for a sustainable future cooperation.It examines:the Indus Water Treaty between India and Pakistan India and Bangladesh dispute over the Ganges river India and Nepal sharing the Mahakali river watersIt makes the following obser