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    The Bag (Basic Assessment Guide for Human Well-Being) [in relation to sustainable timber operations]

    Center for International Forestry Research, 1998
    Manual on particiaptory assessment of sustainable timber operationsFocuses on certain critical social issues, and assumes that ecological and conventional forestry issues will also be addressed in any assessment of sustainability in a given forest.
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    Integrated Environmental and Economic Accounting: An Operational Manual

    United Nations [UN] Statistics Division, 1999
    Provides hands-on guidance for the implementation of integrated environmental and economic accounting at the national level. It also discusses possible uses of the accounting results in planning and policy analysis.
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    Navigating gender: a framework and a tool for participatory development

    Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Department for International Development Cooperation / FINNIDA, 1999
    Gender analysis is used to examine the impacts of development on both women and men, and is used as the basic tool to develop policy and action towards gender equality.Manual can be used both as an individual study guide, or as a basis for discussion in groups.
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    Resource centre manual

    Healthlink Worldwide [formerly Appropriate Health Resources and Technologies Action Group ], 2000
    Practical guide covers:planning a resource centremanagement and financespace, furniture and equipmentdeveloping the collection and organising the informationcomputers, electronic communication and databasesinformation servicespromoting the resource centremonitoring and evaluation
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    Precede-Proceed Model of Health Promotion

    Institute of Health Promotion Research, University of British Columbia, 1999
    The goals of the model are to explain health-related behaviours and to design and evaluate the interventions designed to influence both the behaviours and the living conditions that influence them and their sequelae.
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    Checklist to assist preparation of small-scale irrigation projects in sub-saharan Africa

    International Programme for Technology and Research in Irrigation and Drainage, 1998
    Checklist, with accompanying guidelines, aimed at assisting in the preparation of small-scale irrigation projects in Sub-Saharan Africa. The checklist has been developed to facilitate rapid assessment of potential farmer and community managed surface irrigation projects.
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    The group enterprise book: A practical guide for Group Promoters to assist groups in setting up and running successful small enterprises

    People's Participation, FAO SD Dimensions, 1998
    Book shows in simple illustrated steps how small enterprises can be developed and run by small groups in rural communities using a participative approach. It is intended for use by Group Promoters (or GPs), extension workers and other rural development staff to help existing groups to set up and run their enterprisesAvailable in English, French or Spanish
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    A field methodology for participatory self-evaluation ofPeople's Participation Programme (PPP) group and inter-group association performance

    People's Participation, FAO SD Dimensions, 1989
    Manual for group Promoters to assist PPP groups in creating their own participatory self-evaluation capability. Identifies both problems that some groups are having and successes that various groups are achieving. These problems and successes have been formulated into draft questions that should be discussed and evaluated by PPP groups according to a simple participatory process outlined below.
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    Capacity Development Resource Book

    Management & Governance Network, UNDP, 1997
    Collection of papers/reports from UNDP programmes on methodology for capacity development and institutional strengthening.Includes: training manual for developing capacities for effective governance. With trainee and facilitator workbookscase studies of capactity development from Sierra Leone and Viet Nammethodological reviews
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    Handbook for Emergency Field Operations

    World Health Organization, 1999
    Management and reference tool designed with field conditions in mind, following a logical sequence of events: from preparation for a field assignment, to operating in the field, through to departure.