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    Africa's growth tragedy : a retrospective, 1960 - 89

    Policy Research Working Papers, World Bank, 1995
    Problems associated with Sub Saharan Africa's slow growth are low school attainment, political instability, poorly developed financial systems, large blackmarket exchange rate premia, large government deficits, and inadequate infrastructure. Improving policies alone boosts growth substantially.
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    The new IMF focus on poverty: are hopes warranted?

    World Economy, Ecology and Development, 2000
    This article finds that: the concern for the poor in Third World countries shown by the IMF is primarily a response to criticism of its policy recommendations, which has grown increasingly louder over the past years combined with its meager success in improving growth, the IMF has been criticized even by former World Bank chief economist Joseph Stiglitz for sticking to it
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    Understanding European Community Aid (Inventory):Aid Policies, Management and Distribution Explained

    European Commission Directorate-General for Development, 1997
    Description of European Community Aid programmes: their structure, volume, sectoral orientation, geographical distribution.
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    Donor support for institutional capacity development in the environment: lessons learned

    Development Assistance Committee, OECD, 1999
    Offers a detailed and systematic assessment of DAC members’ capacities to support two key processes implicit in the concept of Capacity Development in Environment (CDE): integrating environment and development concernspromoting “ownership” at national and local levels by strengthening institutional pluralismReport is based on an assessment of a sample of approximately 70 evalua
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    Effects of fiscal, monetary and exchange rate policy on the structure of South African growth and employment

    Trade and Industrial Policy Strategies, South Africa, 2000
    The major thesis of the paper is that the macroeconomic policy environment has favoured financial stability over economic growth and that this has been an important element in the failure of the economy to meet the targets of the government's macroeconomic program: Growth, Employment, and Redistribution (GEAR).
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    Economic liberalisation and employment in South Asia

    Zentrum für Entwicklungsforschung, Bonn, 2000
    Examines the impact on employment growth (total, agriculture, industry), unemployment, real wages, wage inequalities between skilled and unskilled workers, women’s employment and child labour. It also analyses whether labour rigidities have affected the employment growth in South Asian countries.
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    The economics of international agreements for the protection of environmental and agricultural resources

    FAO Hypermedia Collection on Desertification, 1995
    The purpose of this paper is to review the economics of international environmental agreements (IEAs) and draw Implications for the international issues that are relevant to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). Three chapters follow this introduction.
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    HIV/AIDS as a human security issue: a gender perspective

    United Nations [UN] Division for the Advancement of Women, 2000
    The HIV/AIDS epidemic today is not simply a health issue. Its spread and impact cuts across all levels of society causing important consequences for human security.
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    Corruption Perceptions Index

    Transparency International, 1999
    This annual index is based on seven international surveys of business people, political analysts and the general public and it reflects their perception of corruption in 52 countries. Updated annually
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    Who owns the media?

    World Bank, 2001
    This article explores who controls the world's media.