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Our Resource Guide on Governance issues concentrates on research relating to democratic governance, fragile states, institutional development, justice, good governance, public sector & service delivery and urban governance.

New resources on governance in Nigeria
The dome of a mosque under construction
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Eldis has partnered with SPARC (the State Partnership for Accountability, Responsiveness and Capability programme) to offer the latest resources on good governance in Nigeria. The resources offer information on actual experiences in governance reform with the ideas, tools and methods presented, examples for others to adopt, adapt or take forward.

Latest Documents

Hope Chigudu’s thoughts on ‘Riding the Waves of Activist Leadership
What’s the point of having a good ‘leader’ if there’s nobody left in the army to fight the struggle? Hope Chigudu, former Chair of the Board of Directors of the Global Fund for Women, questions the a...
Brazil in the WTO Dispute Settlement Understanding: a perspective
A. Jatkar; L.M. Farlene / CUTS Centre for International Trade, Economics & Environment, 2013
Brazil is the most active developing country user overall of the WTO’s DSU (Dispute Settlement Understanding). This paper highlights that Brazil has brought complaints in 25 cases, been a respondent in 14 cases and participated ...
Towards a parliamentary strategy for African women’s rights and gender equality: uniting parliamentary efforts to end violence against women in Africa
While it is a universally recognised fact that eliminating gender inequality and achieving women’s empowerment are paramount to achieving the Millennium Development Goals, progress with implementation of the MDGs is the slowest ...
National Foreign Trade Policy of India: focus on development dimensions
B. Chatterjee; C. Mukumba 2014
The National Foreign Trade Policy (NFTP) is one of India’s main pillars of trade promotion. This briefing paper reflects the results of a study that was undertaken across various clusters throughout India to garner local perspec...
Elections and the risk of instability in Africa: supporting legitimate electoral processes
I. Crouzel / South African Institute of International Affairs, 2014
Whereas elections have become commonplace in Africa over the past 20 years, several recent examples have shown that they can also crystallise tensions and cause violence (as happened in Kenya, Côte d’Ivoire and Zimbabwe), ...
Learning from India’s development cooperation
Institute of Development Studies UK, 2014
In recent years, India has substantially increased the levels of its development cooperation. It has streamlined its development cooperation activities and put the principles of South-South Cooperation, including respect for national ...
Lessons from electoral management and processes in West Africa
A. Jinadu / South African Institute of International Affairs, 2014
A significant issue in the debate on constitutional and political reform in West Africa continues to be the improvement of governance to ensure electoral integrity and protect the electoral mandate through free and fair elections. ...
South Africa’s implementation of the APRM: making a difference or going through the motions?
Y. Turianskyi / South African Institute of International Affairs, 2014
South Africa’s 2007 African Peer Review Mechanism (APRM) Country Review Report (CRR) identified numerous governance challenges. The country committed itself to eradicating these challenges through implementing a National Program...
Financing recovery for resilience: enhancing the coverage, capitalization and coherence of pooled financing mechanisms for recovery to strengthen synergies between humanitarian, development and climate finance
F. Bayat-Renoux; Y. Glemarec / United Nations Development Programme, 2014
This study asks whether the financing of recovery efforts is consistent with the international architecture in place to promote the transition from crisis to sustainable development in fragile and conflict-affected states. The ...
An Agenda for the New Government: Policy Options for India in Afghanistan
R. Krishnamurthy / Institute of Peace and Conflict Studies, India, 2014
This brief explore the potential future policy options for the Indian government and does not touch upon the initiatives already undertaken by New Delhi in Afghanistan. New Delhi, the author asserts, must try to optimise its potential...
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