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Latin America and Caribbean

Evidence and Lessons from Latin America (ELLA) - knowledge sharing and learning platform
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ELLA is a knowledge sharing and learning platform, funded by the UK Department for International Development.  It aims to share knowledge of recent Latin American experiences on selected economic, environmental and governance issues. It supports learning between Latin American, African and South Asian countries, and is providing a networking platform for organisations and individuals to link to Latin America. As a content partner with Eldis, the full selection of Briefs from Ella are available to download.

Latest Documents

Incentives for eectricity generation in a green economy: effective frameworks from Latin America
J. Russell / Evidence and Lessons from Latin America, 2014
Latin American countries are implementing innovative policy and market mechanisms to catalyse the development of nonconventional renewable energy sources. This Brief presents some of the region’s success stories. In 2...
Pursuing a green economy: growth alongside environmental sustainability in Latin America
Evidence and Lessons from Latin America, 2014
Latin American countries have been implementing some innovative market incentives to catalyse the expansion of the green economy, in particular in relation to natural resource conservation and development of greener energy and infrast...

Latest Documents

Science for humanitarian emergencies and resilience (SHEAR) scoping study: Annex 2 - The current status of early warning systems and risk assessments in Africa, the Caribbean and South Asia – A literature review
Evidence on Demand, 2014
The report forms part of the Science for Humanitarian Emergencies and Resilience (SHEAR) scoping study, which aims to provide the UK Government’s Department for International Development (DFID) with evidence-based recommendation...
Green economies in the Caribbean: Perspectives, priorities and an action learning agenda
T. Geoghegan (ed); N. Leotaud (ed); S. Bass (ed) / International Institute for Environment and Development, 2014
This paper summarises early explorations by the Green Economy Action Learning Group (GE ALG), which aims to help governments and other stakeholders develop a practical Caribbean vision of an inclusive and resilient ‘green’...
Break Your Bones – Mortality and Morbidity Associated with Haiti’s Chikungunya Epidemic
A.R. Kolbe / Igarape Institute, 2014
In December 2013, chikungunya, a deadly dengue-like virus spread by mosquitos, was first diagnosed in the Americas on the island of St. Martin. The disease quickly spread to neighboring islands and on May 7 the Haitian Ministry of Hea...
The pacification of the favelas: mega-events, global competitiveness and the neutralization of marginality
S. Saborio / Socialist Studies, 2013
Rio de Janeiro is preparing to host two major sporting events in the coming years: the 2014 FIFA World Football Cup and the 2016 Olympic Games. Local authorities are promoting these mega events as an opportunity to increase the global...
Home Grown School Feeding and social protection
S. Devereux; R. Sabates-Wheeler; A.P. Martínez / Home Grown School Feeding, 2010
This paper argues that Home Grown School Feeding (HGSF) programmes have great potential to deliver various social protection benefits, not only for schoolchildren and their families but also for food supplying farmers. The pape...
Amazon Malaria Initiative (AMI) quarterly bulletin - April 2014
Amazon Malaria Initiative, 2014
Thi issue inlcudes: international partner highlights; country spotlight on Ecuador, Guyana, Nicaragua, Honduras, Peru and Suriname; global malaria news, events and meetings.
Amazon Malaria Initiative (AMI) quarterly bulletin - January 2014
Amazon Malaria Initiative, 2014
This issue includes country spotlights on Brazil and Colombia, international partner highlights, events and meetings and global malaria news.
Amazon Malaria Initiative: progress in prevention and control
Amazon Malaria Initiative, 2014
The United States Agency for international Development (USAID) launched the Amazon malaria initiative (AMI) in 2001 to improve the prevention and control of malaria in the Amazon basin. Ami is a collaborative effort that b...
Tips for lowering the temperature in pharmacies and and maintaining medication quality
Amazon Malaria Initiative, 2014
Pharmacies that serve health clinics located in tropical areas need infrastructure that will help lower their inside air temperature. It is very important that drugs being stored not reach temperatures above 30°C, remembering that...
Implementing the responsibility to protect: new directions for international peace and security?
E.P. Hamann (ed); R. Muggah / Igarape Institute, 2013
The international peace and security architecture is undergoing a profound renovation in the twenty first century. The Responsibility to Protect (R2P) doctrine is being re-evaluated from political and operational perspectives, while t...
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