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Africa South of Sahara

In the quest for Economic Growth in Africa who is getting left behind and why?

A new project from the Institute of Development Studies, entitled "Diverse Voices 2012" recently brought together three small groups in Malawi, Ethiopia and Kenya to discuss the issues and events of most importance to the vulnerable in these societies. The groups were a forum for some of those whose opinions have not had an equal chance of reaching lawmakers, practitioners, researchers and journalists. As a result, Diverse Voices is hosting a Global Debate on 7th June 2012. The focus will be the question that these groups felt most needed answering - In the quest for Economic Growth in Africa who is getting left behind and why?

Latest Documents

Levelling the field: improving opportunities for women farmers in Africa
World Bank, 2014
While agriculture across sub-Saharan Africa forms the backbone of many nations' economies, women are largely locked out of land ownership, access to credit and productive farm inputs, as well as support from extension services. This r...
Adolescent girls in Northern Nigeria: financial inclusion and entrepreneurship opportunities profile
Globally, adolescent girls are often marginalised and disengaged from both local and national decision-making, leaving them isolated and powerless to affect change. Without opportunities, girls are more vulnerable to becoming disillus...
Safe spaces prototyping: a human-centered design approach
Emerging from a human-centered project involving 32 girl co-designers in Nigeria, this guidebook for prototyping the establishment of safe spaces for women and girls began by listening to the girls and some of the people in their live...
Gender and Information Communication Technologies (ICTS) in Nigeria: Challenges and Prospects
H.U. Sanda; M.H. Kurfi 2013
Despite the emphasis placed on the use of information communication technologies (ICTs) in Nigeria, women are often underrepresented in terms of access and use. Gender differences in ICT use in Nigeria are linked to patterns of discri...
Documentation of research on climate change and human health in southern Africa
O.P. Dube; M.J. Chimbari / University of Copenhagen, 2009
This report focuses on climate change and human health in the Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) region. This report promotes the idea of establishing a knowledge sharing and research network in the region, with speci...
Maimuna’s story, Nigeria
In this article, Girl Child Concerns, an arm of the organisation, Girls Not Brides, shares this heart-warming testimonial of a young Nigerian girl, Maimuna. Child marriage is commonplace in Maimuna’s village in Northe...
Africa Impact Evaluation Podcast: Economic Empowerment of Young Women in Africa #AfricaBigIdeas
How useful are impact evaluations for job training programmes? According to the World Bank, impact evaluations are crucial to figuring out if training programmes work or not; they also help to determine what aspects of training progra...
Unlock the intelligence, passion, greatness of girls
L. Gbowee 2012
All across the globe there are policies, conventions and laws, championed by great people, all with the aim of ensuring the safety and advancement of young people, especially girls. By and large, these have all failed. This...
Social Predictors of Female Academics’ Career Growth and Leadership Position in South-West Nigerian Universities
A. Olaide Oti 2013
This article asks to what extent social support (spousal support, parental influence, academic men collegial support, and attitude toward women) can predict Nigerian female academics’ career growth and level of leadership. ...
Survey on Women Livelihoods in the Niger-Delta: an overview of women's economic activities in oil producing communities in Akwa Ibom, Bayelsa and Rivers states
S. Joab-Peterside 2010
The economic crisis in the Niger Delta has been exacerbated by increased exploitation of oil and gas resources. In addition to suffering the effects of the economic crisis, women in the Niger Delta are victims of gender-based discrimi...
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