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    Modern slavery prevention and responses in South Asia: An evidence map

    P Ooosterhoff, Raudah Yunus, Charity Jensen, Francis Somerwell, Nicola Pocock / 2018
    The Asia Pacific region has the highest numbers of both slavery and child labour victims in the world.
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    An analysis of protein consumption in India through plant and animal sources

    P. Rampal / SAGE, 2018
    India became self-sufficient in food because of the Green Revolution in the 1960s. However, both the technological innovation and policy support have been biased toward cereals. It is expected that cereals are the major source of proteins in the diet. In recent years, the consumption of cereals is declining in spite of increasing output due to declining preference.
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    Binary framings, Islam and struggle for women’s empowerment in Bangladesh

    S. Nazneen / Warwick University, 2018
    In this paper, the author investigates how binary framings of women’s identity have influenced struggles for women’s rights and the interpretations of the relationship between Islam and women’s empowerment in Bangladesh.
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    Women in politics: gaining ground for progressive outcomes in Pakistan

    A. Khan, S. Naqvi / Institute of Development Studies UK, 2018
    This paper is an analysis of findings from a study of women’s political voice in Pakistan under the A4EA Research Programme. It is based on mixed methods, drawing together archival and secondary sources, qualitative interviews with activists, politicians and key informants, and the findings of an online survey with women parliamentarians.
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    Property taxation in Kampala, Uganda: an analytic case study on a successful reform

    M. Kopanyi, R. Franzsen / International Centre for Tax and Development, 2018
    Kampala’s revenue reforms offer lessons that large and powerful cities should not wait for national actions, rather, they can do a lot “in-house” to improve tax administration, coverage, and collection. Against the rather poor performance of the property tax in Uganda, Kampala’s reforms have resulted in unprecedented increase of own-source revenues generally and the property tax specifically.
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    Practical guidance note: training manual for implementing property tax reform with a points-based valuation

    P. Fish / International Centre for Tax and Development, 2018
    This paper shares the author’s on-going experience in supporting the implementation of property tax reform programmes in smaller urban centres and rural districts in Sub-Saharan Africa, covering more than 12 local governments over a period of more than 10 years.


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hand holding millet
12th October 2018
Our friends at the GODAN Action project are pleased to announce a new call for applications for our free Open Data Management Online Course. Book your place now for the last chance to take the course before the end of the year.
House of Knowledge sculpture
9th October 2018
The Knowledge for Development Partnership have recently released the third edition of the Agenda Knowledge for Development. 
Lilian Wanjohi of the British Council  and Newton-Utafiti Fund, during the launch of the  countering  violent extremism research hub in Nairobi, Kenya.
5th September 2018
Launched on 5th September in Nairobi, a new online hub focusing on Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) in Kenya hopes to connect researchers, practitioners and policymakers.
Two men checking for bean pests and diseases in Kawanda, Uganda.
15th August 2018
Canada's International Development Research Centre (IDRC) have recently announced a new research evaluation tool 'Research Quality Plus (RQ+)' which will give more importance to local context when determining the legitimacy of research. 
An area of degraded land.
8th August 2018
Our friends at the GODAN Action project are pleased to announce a new call for applications for the Open Data Management Online Course. The GODAN Action team has expanded the content of the course to include land in addition to agriculture and nutrition.